About Quick-Help

In the summer of 2007 Founder and President of Quick-Help, Jordan Duff set out to start a self-run deck staining company in the Novi, Northville area. Venturing door to door he was soon to find that deck staining jobs were few and far between. Despite the lack of projects Jordan was surprised to frequently receive other miscellaneous requests from potential clients. By default business presumed only through ambitious attempts to take on these requests. In the process Jordan discovered that there was a healthy market for assistance with miscellaneous services outside the realm of major restorations. As summers passed, lasting and rewarding cross-generational relationships began to form with clients. These relationships not only provided him steady work but also a sense of personal growth and companionship to help him through his high school and college years.

Now out of school Jordan has moved to expand on his once small summer business to form Quick-Help. Simply an expansion on his original business idea, he has acquired a trustworthy and reliable team of “helpers” to meet the needs of the miscellaneous service market in the greater Detroit area.
Quick-Help is a subsidiary division of Duff Universal Life Solutions LLC.

Duff Universal Life Solutions LLC (DULS) is a residential trade/service conglomerate and parent company to Quick-Help. For more information on how to become a DULS subsidiary company call 248-756-7307 or email dulssubsidiary@dulsllc.com.